Strategic Design Workshop On-Demand

In this new on-demand Strategic Design Workshop, you’ll have online access to the complete strategic planning steps honed during Michael Hyatt’s 40+ years of leadership and used by some of today’s fastest-growing companies. This course guides you step by step through the strategic planning process, including all the research and data needed to build a plan that becomes your go-to leadership resource in 2023, and helps your company succeed no matter what the new year has in store.

Your Instructor

John Putnam
John Putnam

John is talented at envisioning the whole picture. A life-long entrepreneur, he launched his first business with a friend after college. He worked with another start-up and then built a thriving financial services practice guiding over 10,000 conversations with professionals and business owners around their personal and business planning goals. In 2012, he launched an NCF affiliate to inspire families and businesses to have a greater impact via the latest giving strategies. John is a trained life planner, author, and professional speaker. He has been married to his wife for 32 years and has three awesome children plus a new son-in-law.

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